Lindy hop in english

Lindy Hop – a dance with roots from Harlem, New York

Lindy Hop is an Afro-American dance from Harlem, where it developed during the 1930’s. The dance can be everything from heavy, close to the floor, slow and sassy or fast and raw. Below you will find a Lindy Hop clip. Check it out, if you like what you see register for a Lindy Hop class!

If you want to start do dance Lindy Hop, contact a dance club and register for a beginner (nybörjare) class (kurs). Check with the dance club if classes will be held in English (they most likely will be).

Dance club(s) in Karlskrona with Lindy Hop classes: Tipsy Dance Club
If you are not in Karlskrona check here for a place closer to you.